Local Group Invariant Representations via Orbit Embeddings

Invariance to nuisance transformations is one of the desirable properties of effective representations. We consider transformations that form a \emph{group} and propose an approach based on kernel methods to derive local group invariant representations. Locality is achieved by defining a suitable probability distribution over the group which in turn induces distributions in the input feature space. We learn a decision function over these distributions by appealing to the powerful framework of kernel methods and generate local invariant random feature maps via kernel approximations. We show uniform convergence bounds for kernel approximation and provide excess risk bounds for learning with these features. We evaluate our method on three real datasets, including Rotated MNIST and CIFAR-10, and observe that it outperforms competing kernel based approaches. The proposed method also outperforms deep CNN on Rotated-MNIST and performs comparably to the recently proposed group-equivariant CNN.

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