LoRCoN-LO: Long-term Recurrent Convolutional Network-based LiDAR Odometry

We propose a deep learning-based LiDAR odometry estimation method called LoRCoN-LO that utilizes the long-term recurrent convolutional network (LRCN) structure. The LRCN layer is a structure that can process spatial and temporal information at once by using both CNN and LSTM layers. This feature is suitable for predicting continuous robot movements as it uses point clouds that contain spatial information. Therefore, we built a LoRCoN-LO model using the LRCN layer, and predicted the pose of the robot through this model. For performance verification, we conducted experiments exploiting a public dataset (KITTI). The results of the experiment show that LoRCoN-LO displays accurate odometry prediction in the dataset. The code is available at

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