Machine Learning in the Quantum Age: Quantum vs. Classical Support Vector Machines

17 Oct 2023  ·  Davut Emre Tasar, Kutan Koruyan, Ceren Ocal Tasar ·

This work endeavors to juxtapose the efficacy of machine learning algorithms within classical and quantum computational paradigms. Particularly, by emphasizing on Support Vector Machines (SVM), we scrutinize the classification prowess of classical SVM and Quantum Support Vector Machines (QSVM) operational on quantum hardware over the Iris dataset. The methodology embraced encapsulates an extensive array of experiments orchestrated through the Qiskit library, alongside hyperparameter optimization. The findings unveil that in particular scenarios, QSVMs extend a level of accuracy that can vie with classical SVMs, albeit the execution times are presently protracted. Moreover, we underscore that augmenting quantum computational capacity and the magnitude of parallelism can markedly ameliorate the performance of quantum machine learning algorithms. This inquiry furnishes invaluable insights regarding the extant scenario and future potentiality of machine learning applications in the quantum epoch. Colab:

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Quantum Machine Learning iris Best Model Average F1 1 # 1