Matrix Co-completion for Multi-label Classification with Missing Features and Labels

We consider a challenging multi-label classification problem where both feature matrix $\X$ and label matrix $\Y$ have missing entries. An existing method concatenated $\X$ and $\Y$ as $[\X; \Y]$ and applied a matrix completion (MC) method to fill the missing entries, under the assumption that $[\X; \Y]$ is of low-rank. However, since entries of $\Y$ take binary values in the multi-label setting, it is unlikely that $\Y$ is of low-rank. Moreover, such assumption implies a linear relationship between $\X$ and $\Y$ which may not hold in practice. In this paper, we consider a latent matrix $\Z$ that produces the probability $\sigma(Z_{ij})$ of generating label $Y_{ij}$, where $\sigma(\cdot)$ is nonlinear. Considering label correlation, we assume $[\X; \Z]$ is of low-rank, and propose an MC algorithm based on subgradient descent named co-completion (COCO) motivated by elastic net and one-bit MC. We give a theoretical bound on the recovery effect of COCO and demonstrate its practical usefulness through experiments.

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