MaxViT-UNet: Multi-Axis Attention for Medical Image Segmentation

15 May 2023  ·  Abdul Rehman Khan, Asifullah Khan ·

In this work, we present MaxViT-UNet, an Encoder-Decoder based hybrid vision transformer (CNN-Transformer) for medical image segmentation. The proposed Hybrid Decoder, based on MaxViT-block, is designed to harness the power of both the convolution and self-attention mechanisms at each decoding stage with a nominal memory and computational burden. The inclusion of multi-axis self-attention, within each decoder stage, significantly enhances the discriminating capacity between the object and background regions, thereby helping in improving the segmentation efficiency. In the Hybrid Decoder block, the fusion process commences by integrating the upsampled lower-level decoder features, obtained through transpose convolution, with the skip-connection features derived from the hybrid encoder. Subsequently, the fused features undergo refinement through the utilization of a multi-axis attention mechanism. The proposed decoder block is repeated multiple times to progressively segment the nuclei regions. Experimental results on MoNuSeg18 and MoNuSAC20 dataset demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed technique. Our MaxViT-UNet outperformed the previous CNN-based (UNet) and Transformer-based (Swin-UNet) techniques by a considerable margin on both of the standard datasets. The following github ( contains the implementation and trained weights.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Medical Image Segmentation MoNuSAC MaxViT-UNet Dice 0.8215 # 1
IoU 0.7030 # 1
Medical Image Segmentation MoNuSeg 2018 MaxViT-UNet Dice 0.8378 # 1
IoU 0.7208 # 1