Memory-augmented Online Video Anomaly Detection

The ability to understand the surrounding scene is of paramount importance for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). This paper presents a system capable to work in a real time guaranteed response times and online fashion, giving an immediate response to the arise of anomalies surrounding the AV, exploiting only the videos captured by a dash-mounted camera. Our architecture, called MOVAD, relies on two main modules: a short-term memory to extract information related to the ongoing action, implemented by a Video Swin Transformer adapted to work in an online scenario, and a long-term memory module that considers also remote past information thanks to the use of a Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) network. We evaluated the performance of our method on Detection of Traffic Anomaly (DoTA) dataset, a challenging collection of dash-mounted camera videos of accidents. After an extensive ablation study, MOVAD is able to reach an AUC score of 82.11%, surpassing the current state-of-the-art by +2.81 AUC. Our code will be available on

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