Meta-Dataset: A Dataset of Datasets for Learning to Learn from Few Examples

Few-shot classification refers to learning a classifier for new classes given only a few examples. While a plethora of models have emerged to tackle it, we find the procedure and datasets that are used to assess their progress lacking... To address this limitation, we propose Meta-Dataset: a new benchmark for training and evaluating models that is large-scale, consists of diverse datasets, and presents more realistic tasks. We experiment with popular baselines and meta-learners on Meta-Dataset, along with a competitive method that we propose. We analyze performance as a function of various characteristics of test tasks and examine the models' ability to leverage diverse training sources for improving their generalization. We also propose a new set of baselines for quantifying the benefit of meta-learning in Meta-Dataset. Our extensive experimentation has uncovered important research challenges and we hope to inspire work in these directions. read more

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COCO CUB-200-2011 miniImageNet Omniglot
Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Few-Shot Image Classification Meta-Dataset fo-Proto-MAML Accuracy 63.428 # 8
Few-Shot Image Classification Meta-Dataset k-NN Accuracy 54.319 # 13
Few-Shot Image Classification Meta-Dataset Finetune Accuracy 58.758 # 10
Few-Shot Image Classification Meta-Dataset Rank k-NN Mean Rank 10.85 # 12
Few-Shot Image Classification Meta-Dataset Rank Finetune Mean Rank 8.7 # 9
Few-Shot Image Classification Meta-Dataset Rank fo-Proto-MAML Mean Rank 6.65 # 7


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