Meta-Optimization of Deep CNN for Image Denoising Using LSTM

The recent application of deep learning (DL) to various tasks has seen the performance of classical techniques surpassed by their DL-based counterparts. As a result, DL has equally seen application in the removal of noise from images. In particular, the use of deep feed-forward convolutional neural networks (DnCNNs) has been investigated for denoising. It utilizes advances in DL techniques such as deep architecture, residual learning, and batch normalization to achieve better denoising performance when compared with the other classical state-of-the-art denoising algorithms. However, its deep architecture resulted in a huge set of trainable parameters. Meta-optimization is a training approach of enabling algorithms to learn to train themselves by themselves. Training algorithms using meta-optimizers have been shown to enable algorithms to achieve better performance when compared to the classical gradient descent-based training approach. In this work, we investigate the application of the meta-optimization training approach to the DnCNN denoising algorithm to enhance its denoising capability. Our preliminary experiments on simpler algorithms reveal the prospects of utilizing the meta-optimization training approach towards the enhancement of the DnCNN denoising capability.

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