MixMatch: A Holistic Approach to Semi-Supervised Learning

6 May 2019David BerthelotNicholas CarliniIan GoodfellowNicolas PapernotAvital OliverColin Raffel

Semi-supervised learning has proven to be a powerful paradigm for leveraging unlabeled data to mitigate the reliance on large labeled datasets. In this work, we unify the current dominant approaches for semi-supervised learning to produce a new algorithm, MixMatch, that works by guessing low-entropy labels for data-augmented unlabeled examples and mixing labeled and unlabeled data using MixUp... (read more)

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Evaluation results from the paper

Task Dataset Model Metric name Metric value Global rank Compare
Semi-Supervised Image Classification CIFAR-10, 4000 Labels MixMatch Accuracy 93.76 # 3
Image Classification STL-10 MixMatch Percentage correct 94.41 # 1
Semi-Supervised Image Classification STL-10 MixMatch Accuracy 94.41 # 1
Semi-Supervised Image Classification SVHN, 1000 labels MixMatch Accuracy 96.73 # 2