Model and Evaluation: Towards Fairness in Multilingual Text Classification

Recently, more and more research has focused on addressing bias in text classification models. However, existing research mainly focuses on the fairness of monolingual text classification models, and research on fairness for multilingual text classification is still very limited. In this paper, we focus on the task of multilingual text classification and propose a debiasing framework for multilingual text classification based on contrastive learning. Our proposed method does not rely on any external language resources and can be extended to any other languages. The model contains four modules: multilingual text representation module, language fusion module, text debiasing module, and text classification module. The multilingual text representation module uses a multilingual pre-trained language model to represent the text, the language fusion module makes the semantic spaces of different languages tend to be consistent through contrastive learning, and the text debiasing module uses contrastive learning to make the model unable to identify sensitive attributes' information. The text classification module completes the basic tasks of multilingual text classification. In addition, the existing research on the fairness of multilingual text classification is relatively simple in the evaluation mode. The evaluation method of fairness is the same as the monolingual equality difference evaluation method, that is, the evaluation is performed on a single language. We propose a multi-dimensional fairness evaluation framework for multilingual text classification, which evaluates the model's monolingual equality difference, multilingual equality difference, multilingual equality performance difference, and destructiveness of the fairness strategy. We hope that our work can provide a more general debiasing method and a more comprehensive evaluation framework for multilingual text fairness tasks.

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