Modeling Motion with Multi-Modal Features for Text-Based Video Segmentation

Text-based video segmentation aims to segment the target object in a video based on a describing sentence. Incorporating motion information from optical flow maps with appearance and linguistic modalities is crucial yet has been largely ignored by previous work. In this paper, we design a method to fuse and align appearance, motion, and linguistic features to achieve accurate segmentation. Specifically, we propose a multi-modal video transformer, which can fuse and aggregate multi-modal and temporal features between frames. Furthermore, we design a language-guided feature fusion module to progressively fuse appearance and motion features in each feature level with guidance from linguistic features. Finally, a multi-modal alignment loss is proposed to alleviate the semantic gap between features from different modalities. Extensive experiments on A2D Sentences and J-HMDB Sentences verify the performance and the generalization ability of our method compared to the state-of-the-art methods.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Referring Expression Segmentation A2D Sentences mmmmtbvs Precision@0.5 0.645 # 14
Precision@0.9 0.13 # 10
IoU overall 0.673 # 11
IoU mean 0.558 # 14
Precision@0.6 0.597 # 12
Precision@0.7 0.523 # 11
Precision@0.8 0.375 # 10
AP 0.419 # 10