MonoGraspNet: 6-DoF Grasping with a Single RGB Image

6-DoF robotic grasping is a long-lasting but unsolved problem. Recent methods utilize strong 3D networks to extract geometric grasping representations from depth sensors, demonstrating superior accuracy on common objects but perform unsatisfactorily on photometrically challenging objects, e.g., objects in transparent or reflective materials. The bottleneck lies in that the surface of these objects can not reflect back accurate depth due to the absorption or refraction of light. In this paper, in contrast to exploiting the inaccurate depth data, we propose the first RGB-only 6-DoF grasping pipeline called MonoGraspNet that utilizes stable 2D features to simultaneously handle arbitrary object grasping and overcome the problems induced by photometrically challenging objects. MonoGraspNet leverages keypoint heatmap and normal map to recover the 6-DoF grasping poses represented by our novel representation parameterized with 2D keypoints with corresponding depth, grasping direction, grasping width, and angle. Extensive experiments in real scenes demonstrate that our method can achieve competitive results in grasping common objects and surpass the depth-based competitor by a large margin in grasping photometrically challenging objects. To further stimulate robotic manipulation research, we additionally annotate and open-source a multi-view and multi-scene real-world grasping dataset, containing 120 objects of mixed photometric complexity with 20M accurate grasping labels.

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