NCL: Textual Backdoor Defense Using Noise-augmented Contrastive Learning

At present, backdoor attacks attract attention as they do great harm to deep learning models. The adversary poisons the training data making the model being injected with a backdoor after being trained unconsciously by victims using the poisoned dataset. In the field of text, however, existing works do not provide sufficient defense against backdoor attacks. In this paper, we propose a Noise-augmented Contrastive Learning (NCL) framework to defend against textual backdoor attacks when training models with untrustworthy data. With the aim of mitigating the mapping between triggers and the target label, we add appropriate noise perturbing possible backdoor triggers, augment the training dataset, and then pull homology samples in the feature space utilizing contrastive learning objective. Experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of our method in defending three types of textual backdoor attacks, outperforming the prior works.

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