News Headline Grouping as a Challenging NLU Task

Recent progress in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) has seen the latest models outperform human performance on many standard tasks. These impressive results have led the community to introspect on dataset limitations, and iterate on more nuanced challenges. In this paper, we introduce the task of HeadLine Grouping (HLG) and a corresponding dataset (HLGD) consisting of 20,056 pairs of news headlines, each labeled with a binary judgement as to whether the pair belongs within the same group. On HLGD, human annotators achieve high performance of around 0.9 F-1, while current state-of-the art Transformer models only reach 0.75 F-1, opening the path for further improvements. We further propose a novel unsupervised Headline Generator Swap model for the task of HeadLine Grouping that achieves within 3 F-1 of the best supervised model. Finally, we analyze high-performing models with consistency tests, and find that models are not consistent in their predictions, revealing modeling limits of current architectures.

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