No Pain, Big Gain: Classify Dynamic Point Cloud Sequences with Static Models by Fitting Feature-level Space-time Surfaces

Scene flow is a powerful tool for capturing the motion field of 3D point clouds. However, it is difficult to directly apply flow-based models to dynamic point cloud classification since the unstructured points make it hard or even impossible to efficiently and effectively trace point-wise correspondences. To capture 3D motions without explicitly tracking correspondences, we propose a kinematics-inspired neural network (Kinet) by generalizing the kinematic concept of ST-surfaces to the feature space. By unrolling the normal solver of ST-surfaces in the feature space, Kinet implicitly encodes feature-level dynamics and gains advantages from the use of mature backbones for static point cloud processing. With only minor changes in network structures and low computing overhead, it is painless to jointly train and deploy our framework with a given static model. Experiments on NvGesture, SHREC'17, MSRAction-3D, and NTU-RGBD demonstrate its efficacy in performance, efficiency in both the number of parameters and computational complexity, as well as its versatility to various static backbones. Noticeably, Kinet achieves the accuracy of 93.27% on MSRAction-3D with only 3.20M parameters and 10.35G FLOPS.

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