Non-Linear Phase-Shifting of Haar Wavelets for Run-Time All-Frequency Lighting

This paper focuses on real-time all-frequency image-based rendering using an innovative solution for run-time computation of light transport. The approach is based on new results derived for non-linear phase shifting in the Haar wavelet domain. Although image-based methods for real-time rendering of dynamic glossy objects have been proposed, they do not truly scale to all possible frequencies and high sampling rates without trading storage, glossiness, or computational time, while varying both lighting and viewpoint. This is due to the fact that current approaches are limited to precomputed radiance transfer (PRT), which is prohibitively expensive in terms of memory requirements and real-time rendering when both varying light and viewpoint changes are required together with high sampling rates for high frequency lighting of glossy material. On the other hand, current methods cannot handle object rotation, which is one of the paramount issues for all PRT methods using wavelets. This latter problem arises because the precomputed data are defined in a global coordinate system and encoded in the wavelet domain, while the object is rotated in a local coordinate system. At the root of all the above problems is the lack of efficient run-time solution to the nontrivial problem of rotating wavelets (a non-linear phase-shift), which we solve in this paper.

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