OA-BEV: Bringing Object Awareness to Bird's-Eye-View Representation for Multi-Camera 3D Object Detection

The recent trend for multi-camera 3D object detection is through the unified bird's-eye view (BEV) representation. However, directly transforming features extracted from the image-plane view to BEV inevitably results in feature distortion, especially around the objects of interest, making the objects blur into the background. To this end, we propose OA-BEV, a network that can be plugged into the BEV-based 3D object detection framework to bring out the objects by incorporating object-aware pseudo-3D features and depth features. Such features contain information about the object's position and 3D structures. First, we explicitly guide the network to learn the depth distribution by object-level supervision from each 3D object's center. Then, we select the foreground pixels by a 2D object detector and project them into 3D space for pseudo-voxel feature encoding. Finally, the object-aware depth features and pseudo-voxel features are incorporated into the BEV representation with a deformable attention mechanism. We conduct extensive experiments on the nuScenes dataset to validate the merits of our proposed OA-BEV. Our method achieves consistent improvements over the BEV-based baselines in terms of both average precision and nuScenes detection score. Our codes will be published.

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