Object Tracking by Reconstruction with View-Specific Discriminative Correlation Filters

Standard RGB-D trackers treat the target as an inherently 2D structure, which makes modelling appearance changes related even to simple out-of-plane rotation highly challenging. We address this limitation by proposing a novel long-term RGB-D tracker - Object Tracking by Reconstruction (OTR). The tracker performs online 3D target reconstruction to facilitate robust learning of a set of view-specific discriminative correlation filters (DCFs). The 3D reconstruction supports two performance-enhancing features: (i) generation of accurate spatial support for constrained DCF learning from its 2D projection and (ii) point cloud based estimation of 3D pose change for selection and storage of view-specific DCFs which are used to robustly localize the target after out-of-view rotation or heavy occlusion. Extensive evaluation of OTR on the challenging Princeton RGB-D tracking and STC Benchmarks shows it outperforms the state-of-the-art by a large margin.

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