Offline and Online calibration of Mobile Robot and SLAM Device for Navigation

Robot navigation technology is required to accomplish difficult tasks in various environments. In navigation, it is necessary to know the information of the external environments and the state of the robot under the environment. On the other hand, various studies have been done on SLAM technology, which is also used for navigation, but also applied to devices for Mixed Reality and the like. In this paper, we propose a robot-device calibration method for navigation with a device using SLAM technology on a robot. The calibration is performed by using the position and orientation information given by the robot and the device. In the calibration, the most efficient way of movement is clarified according to the restriction of the robot movement. Furthermore, we also show a method to dynamically correct the position and orientation of the robot so that the information of the external environment and the shape information of the robot maintain consistency in order to reduce the dynamic error occurring during navigation. Our method can be easily used for various kinds of robots and localization with sufficient precision for navigation is possible with offline calibration and online position correction. In the experiments, we confirm the parameters obtained by two types of offline calibration according to the degree of freedom of robot movement and validate the effectiveness of online correction method by plotting localized position error during robot's intense movement. Finally, we show the demonstration of navigation using SLAM device.

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