Omni-DETR: Omni-Supervised Object Detection with Transformers

We consider the problem of omni-supervised object detection, which can use unlabeled, fully labeled and weakly labeled annotations, such as image tags, counts, points, etc., for object detection. This is enabled by a unified architecture, Omni-DETR, based on the recent progress on student-teacher framework and end-to-end transformer based object detection. Under this unified architecture, different types of weak labels can be leveraged to generate accurate pseudo labels, by a bipartite matching based filtering mechanism, for the model to learn. In the experiments, Omni-DETR has achieved state-of-the-art results on multiple datasets and settings. And we have found that weak annotations can help to improve detection performance and a mixture of them can achieve a better trade-off between annotation cost and accuracy than the standard complete annotation. These findings could encourage larger object detection datasets with mixture annotations. The code is available at

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