PointCLIP V2: Adapting CLIP for Powerful 3D Open-world Learning

Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training (CLIP) has shown promising open-world performance on 2D image tasks, while its transferred capacity on 3D point clouds, i.e., PointCLIP, is still far from satisfactory. In this work, we propose PointCLIP V2, a powerful 3D open-world learner, to fully unleash the potential of CLIP on 3D point cloud data. First, we introduce a realistic shape projection module to generate more realistic depth maps for CLIP's visual encoder, which is quite efficient and narrows the domain gap between projected point clouds with natural images. Second, we leverage large-scale language models to automatically design a more descriptive 3D-semantic prompt for CLIP's textual encoder, instead of the previous hand-crafted one. Without introducing any training in 3D domains, our approach significantly surpasses PointCLIP by +42.90%, +40.44%, and +28.75% accuracy on three datasets for zero-shot 3D classification. Furthermore, PointCLIP V2 can be extended to few-shot classification, zero-shot part segmentation, and zero-shot 3D object detection in a simple manner, demonstrating our superior generalization ability for 3D open-world learning. Code will be available at

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