Pre-Trained and Attention-Based Neural Networks for Building Noetic Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems

4 Apr 2020  ·  Jia-Chen Gu, Tianda Li, Quan Liu, Xiaodan Zhu, Zhen-Hua Ling, Yu-Ping Ruan ·

The NOESIS II challenge, as the Track 2 of the 8th Dialogue System Technology Challenges (DSTC 8), is the extension of DSTC 7. This track incorporates new elements that are vital for the creation of a deployed task-oriented dialogue system. This paper describes our systems that are evaluated on all subtasks under this challenge. We study the problem of employing pre-trained attention-based network for multi-turn dialogue systems. Meanwhile, several adaptation methods are proposed to adapt the pre-trained language models for multi-turn dialogue systems, in order to keep the intrinsic property of dialogue systems. In the released evaluation results of Track 2 of DSTC 8, our proposed models ranked fourth in subtask 1, third in subtask 2, and first in subtask 3 and subtask 4 respectively.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Conversation Disentanglement irc-disentanglement BERT + BiLSTM VI 93.3 # 1
P 44.3 # 2
R 49.6 # 1
F 46.8 # 1


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