Property-Aware Multi-Speaker Data Simulation: A Probabilistic Modelling Technique for Synthetic Data Generation

We introduce a sophisticated multi-speaker speech data simulator, specifically engineered to generate multi-speaker speech recordings. A notable feature of this simulator is its capacity to modulate the distribution of silence and overlap via the adjustment of statistical parameters. This capability offers a tailored training environment for developing neural models suited for speaker diarization and voice activity detection. The acquisition of substantial datasets for speaker diarization often presents a significant challenge, particularly in multi-speaker scenarios. Furthermore, the precise time stamp annotation of speech data is a critical factor for training both speaker diarization and voice activity detection. Our proposed multi-speaker simulator tackles these problems by generating large-scale audio mixtures that maintain statistical properties closely aligned with the input parameters. We demonstrate that the proposed multi-speaker simulator generates audio mixtures with statistical properties that closely align with the input parameters derived from real-world statistics. Additionally, we present the effectiveness of speaker diarization and voice activity detection models, which have been trained exclusively on the generated simulated datasets.

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