PyTorchGeoNodes: Enabling Differentiable Shape Programs for 3D Shape Reconstruction

We propose PyTorchGeoNodes, a differentiable module for reconstructing 3D objects from images using interpretable shape programs. In comparison to traditional CAD model retrieval methods, the use of shape programs for 3D reconstruction allows for reasoning about the semantic properties of reconstructed objects, editing, low memory footprint, etc. However, the utilization of shape programs for 3D scene understanding has been largely neglected in past works. As our main contribution, we enable gradient-based optimization by introducing a module that translates shape programs designed in Blender, for example, into efficient PyTorch code. We also provide a method that relies on PyTorchGeoNodes and is inspired by Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) to jointly optimize discrete and continuous parameters of shape programs and reconstruct 3D objects for input scenes. In our experiments, we apply our algorithm to reconstruct 3D objects in the ScanNet dataset and evaluate our results against CAD model retrieval-based reconstructions. Our experiments indicate that our reconstructions match well the input scenes while enabling semantic reasoning about reconstructed objects.

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