Qilin-Med-VL: Towards Chinese Large Vision-Language Model for General Healthcare

Large Language Models (LLMs) have introduced a new era of proficiency in comprehending complex healthcare and biomedical topics. However, there is a noticeable lack of models in languages other than English and models that can interpret multi-modal input, which is crucial for global healthcare accessibility. In response, this study introduces Qilin-Med-VL, the first Chinese large vision-language model designed to integrate the analysis of textual and visual data. Qilin-Med-VL combines a pre-trained Vision Transformer (ViT) with a foundational LLM. It undergoes a thorough two-stage curriculum training process that includes feature alignment and instruction tuning. This method enhances the model's ability to generate medical captions and answer complex medical queries. We also release ChiMed-VL, a dataset consisting of more than 1M image-text pairs. This dataset has been carefully curated to enable detailed and comprehensive interpretation of medical data using various types of images.

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