Recognition of Emotions using Kinects

Psychological studies indicate that emotional states are expressed in the way people walk and the human gait is investigated in terms of its ability to reveal a person's emotional state. And Microsoft Kinect is a rapidly developing, inexpensive, portable and no-marker motion capture system. This paper gives a new referable method to do emotion recognition, by using Microsoft Kinect to do gait pattern analysis, which has not been reported. $59$ subjects are recruited in this study and their gait patterns are record by two Kinect cameras. Significant joints selecting, Coordinate system transforming, Slider window gauss filter, Differential operation, and Data segmentation are used in data preprocessing. Feature extracting is based on Fourier transformation. By using the NaiveBayes, RandomForests, libSVM and SMO classification, the recognition rate of natural and unnatural emotions can reach above 70%.It is concluded that using the Kinect system can be a new method in recognition of emotions.

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