Rethinking Multiple Instance Learning for Whole Slide Image Classification: A Bag-Level Classifier is a Good Instance-Level Teacher

Multiple Instance Learning (MIL) has demonstrated promise in Whole Slide Image (WSI) classification. However, a major challenge persists due to the high computational cost associated with processing these gigapixel images. Existing methods generally adopt a two-stage approach, comprising a non-learnable feature embedding stage and a classifier training stage. Though it can greatly reduce the memory consumption by using a fixed feature embedder pre-trained on other domains, such scheme also results in a disparity between the two stages, leading to suboptimal classification accuracy. To address this issue, we propose that a bag-level classifier can be a good instance-level teacher. Based on this idea, we design Iteratively Coupled Multiple Instance Learning (ICMIL) to couple the embedder and the bag classifier at a low cost. ICMIL initially fix the patch embedder to train the bag classifier, followed by fixing the bag classifier to fine-tune the patch embedder. The refined embedder can then generate better representations in return, leading to a more accurate classifier for the next iteration. To realize more flexible and more effective embedder fine-tuning, we also introduce a teacher-student framework to efficiently distill the category knowledge in the bag classifier to help the instance-level embedder fine-tuning. Thorough experiments were conducted on four distinct datasets to validate the effectiveness of ICMIL. The experimental results consistently demonstrate that our method significantly improves the performance of existing MIL backbones, achieving state-of-the-art results. The code is available at:

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