RYANSQL: Recursively Applying Sketch-based Slot Fillings for Complex Text-to-SQL in Cross-Domain Databases

Text-to-SQL is the problem of converting a user question into an SQL query, when the question and database are given. In this paper, we present a neural network approach called RYANSQL (Recursively Yielding Annotation Network for SQL) to solve complex Text-to-SQL tasks for cross-domain databases. State-ment Position Code (SPC) is defined to trans-form a nested SQL query into a set of non-nested SELECT statements; a sketch-based slot filling approach is proposed to synthesize each SELECT statement for its corresponding SPC. Additionally, two input manipulation methods are presented to improve generation performance further. RYANSQL achieved 58.2% accuracy on the challenging Spider benchmark, which is a 3.2%p improvement over previous state-of-the-art approaches. At the time of writing, RYANSQL achieves the first position on the Spider leaderboard.

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