Scenic4RL: Programmatic Modeling and Generation of Reinforcement Learning Environments

The capability of reinforcement learning (RL) agent directly depends on the diversity of learning scenarios the environment generates and how closely it captures real-world situations. However, existing environments/simulators lack the support to systematically model distributions over initial states and transition dynamics. Furthermore, in complex domains such as soccer, the space of possible scenarios is infinite, which makes it impossible for one research group to provide a comprehensive set of scenarios to train, test, and benchmark RL algorithms. To address this issue, for the first time, we adopt an existing formal scenario specification language, SCENIC, to intuitively model and generate interactive scenarios. We interfaced SCENIC to Google Research Soccer environment to create a platform called SCENIC4RL. Using this platform, we provide a dataset consisting of 36 scenario programs encoded in SCENIC and demonstration data generated from a subset of them. We share our experimental results to show the effectiveness of our dataset and the platform to train, test, and benchmark RL algorithms. More importantly, we open-source our platform to enable RL community to collectively contribute to constructing a comprehensive set of scenarios.

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