SDWPF: A Dataset for Spatial Dynamic Wind Power Forecasting Challenge at KDD Cup 2022

The variability of wind power supply can present substantial challenges to incorporating wind power into a grid system. Thus, Wind Power Forecasting (WPF) has been widely recognized as one of the most critical issues in wind power integration and operation. There has been an explosion of studies on wind power forecasting problems in the past decades. Nevertheless, how to well handle the WPF problem is still challenging, since high prediction accuracy is always demanded to ensure grid stability and security of supply. We present a unique Spatial Dynamic Wind Power Forecasting dataset: SDWPF, which includes the spatial distribution of wind turbines, as well as the dynamic context factors. Whereas, most of the existing datasets have only a small number of wind turbines without knowing the locations and context information of wind turbines at a fine-grained time scale. By contrast, SDWPF provides the wind power data of 134 wind turbines from a wind farm over half a year with their relative positions and internal statuses. We use this dataset to launch the Baidu KDD Cup 2022 to examine the limit of current WPF solutions. The dataset is released at

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