Secure Control of Networked Inverted Pendulum Visual Servo System with Adverse Effects of Image Computation (Extended Version)

When visual image information is transmitted via communication networks, it easily suffers from image attacks, leading to system performance degradation or even crash. This paper investigates secure control of networked inverted pendulum visual servo system (NIPVSS) with adverse effects of image computation. Firstly, the image security limitation of the traditional NIPVSS is revealed, where its stability will be destroyed by eavesdropping-based image attacks. Then, a new NIPVSS with the fast scaled-selective image encryption (F2SIE) algorithm is proposed, which not only meets the real-time requirement by reducing the computational complexity, but also improve the security by reducing the probability of valuable information being compromised by eavesdropping-based image attacks. Secondly, adverse effects of the F2SIE algorithm and image attacks are analysed, which will produce extra computational delay and errors. Then, a closed-loop uncertain time-delay model of the new NIPVSS is established, and a robust controller is designed to guarantee system asymptotic stability. Finally, experimental results of the new NIPVSS demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method.

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