Selective Refinement Network for High Performance Face Detection

7 Sep 2018Cheng ChiShifeng ZhangJunliang XingZhen LeiStan Z. LiXudong Zou

High performance face detection remains a very challenging problem, especially when there exists many tiny faces. This paper presents a novel single-shot face detector, named Selective Refinement Network (SRN), which introduces novel two-step classification and regression operations selectively into an anchor-based face detector to reduce false positives and improve location accuracy simultaneously... (read more)

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Evaluation results from the paper

Task Dataset Model Metric name Metric value Global rank Compare
Face Detection Annotated Faces in the Wild SRN AP 0.9987 # 1
Face Detection FDDB SRN AP 0.988 # 3
Face Detection PASCAL Face SRN AP 0.9909 # 1
Face Detection WIDER Face (Easy) SRN AP 0.959 # 3
Face Detection WIDER Face (Hard) SRN AP 0.896 # 4
Face Detection WIDER Face (Medium) SRN AP 0.948 # 3