Skinning a Parameterization of Three-Dimensional Space for Neural Network Cloth

We present a novel learning framework for cloth deformation by embedding virtual cloth into a tetrahedral mesh that parametrizes the volumetric region of air surrounding the underlying body. In order to maintain this volumetric parameterization during character animation, the tetrahedral mesh is constrained to follow the body surface as it deforms. We embed the cloth mesh vertices into this parameterization of three-dimensional space in order to automatically capture much of the nonlinear deformation due to both joint rotations and collisions. We then train a convolutional neural network to recover ground truth deformation by learning cloth embedding offsets for each skeletal pose. Our experiments show significant improvement over learning cloth offsets from body surface parameterizations, both quantitatively and visually, with prior state of the art having a mean error five standard deviations higher than ours. Moreover, our results demonstrate the efficacy of a general learning paradigm where high-frequency details can be embedded into low-frequency parameterizations.

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