Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Inference Network for Group Activity Recognition

ICCV 2021  ·  Hangjie Yuan, Dong Ni, Mang Wang ·

Group activity recognition aims to understand the activity performed by a group of people. In order to solve it, modeling complex spatio-temporal interactions is the key. Previous methods are limited in reasoning on a predefined graph, which ignores the inherent person-specific interaction context. Moreover, they adopt inference schemes that are computationally expensive and easily result in the over-smoothing problem. In this paper, we manage to achieve spatio-temporal person-specific inferences by proposing Dynamic Inference Network (DIN), which composes of Dynamic Relation (DR) module and Dynamic Walk (DW) module. We firstly propose to initialize interaction fields on a primary spatio-temporal graph. Within each interaction field, we apply DR to predict the relation matrix and DW to predict the dynamic walk offsets in a joint-processing manner, thus forming a person-specific interaction graph. By updating features on the specific graph, a person can possess a global-level interaction field with a local initialization. Experiments indicate both modules' effectiveness. Moreover, DIN achieves significant improvement compared to previous state-of-the-art methods on two popular datasets under the same setting, while costing much less computation overhead of the reasoning module.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Group Activity Recognition Volleyball DIN (VGG16) Accuracy 93.6 # 3


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