SSFN -- Self Size-estimating Feed-forward Network with Low Complexity, Limited Need for Human Intervention, and Consistent Behaviour across Trials

We design a self size-estimating feed-forward network (SSFN) using a joint optimization approach for estimation of number of layers, number of nodes and learning of weight matrices. The learning algorithm has a low computational complexity, preferably within few minutes using a laptop. In addition the algorithm has a limited need for human intervention to tune parameters. SSFN grows from a small-size network to a large-size network, guaranteeing a monotonically non-increasing cost with addition of nodes and layers. The learning approach uses judicious a combination of `lossless flow property' of some activation functions, convex optimization and instance of random matrix. Consistent performance -- low variation across Monte-Carlo trials -- is found for inference performance (classification accuracy) and estimation of network size.

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