STM: SpatioTemporal and Motion Encoding for Action Recognition

Spatiotemporal and motion features are two complementary and crucial information for video action recognition. Recent state-of-the-art methods adopt a 3D CNN stream to learn spatiotemporal features and another flow stream to learn motion features. In this work, we aim to efficiently encode these two features in a unified 2D framework. To this end, we first propose an STM block, which contains a Channel-wise SpatioTemporal Module (CSTM) to present the spatiotemporal features and a Channel-wise Motion Module (CMM) to efficiently encode motion features. We then replace original residual blocks in the ResNet architecture with STM blcoks to form a simple yet effective STM network by introducing very limited extra computation cost. Extensive experiments demonstrate that the proposed STM network outperforms the state-of-the-art methods on both temporal-related datasets (i.e., Something-Something v1 & v2 and Jester) and scene-related datasets (i.e., Kinetics-400, UCF-101, and HMDB-51) with the help of encoding spatiotemporal and motion features together.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Action Recognition In Videos HMDB-51 STM (ImageNet+Kinetics pretrain) Average accuracy of 3 splits 72.2 # 1
Action Recognition In Videos Jester (Gesture Recognition) STM (Resnet-50, 16 frames) Val 96.7 # 1
Action Classification Kinetics-400 STM (ResNet-50) Acc@1 73.7 # 145
Action Recognition In Videos Something-Something V1 STM (16 frames, ImageNet pretraining) Top 1 Accuracy 50.7 # 1
Action Recognition In Videos Something-Something V2 STM (16 frames, ImageNet pretraining) Top-1 Accuracy 64.2 # 1
Top-5 Accuracy 89.8 # 1
Action Recognition In Videos UCF101 STM (ImageNet+Kinetics pretrain) 3-fold Accuracy 96.2 # 1