StyleFlow For Content-Fixed Image to Image Translation

5 Jul 2022  ·  Weichen Fan, Jinghuan Chen, Jiabin Ma, Jun Hou, Shuai Yi ·

Image-to-image (I2I) translation is a challenging topic in computer vision. We divide this problem into three tasks: strongly constrained translation, normally constrained translation, and weakly constrained translation. The constraint here indicates the extent to which the content or semantic information in the original image is preserved. Although previous approaches have achieved good performance in weakly constrained tasks, they failed to fully preserve the content in both strongly and normally constrained tasks, including photo-realism synthesis, style transfer, and colorization, etc. To achieve content-preserving transfer in strongly constrained and normally constrained tasks, we propose StyleFlow, a new I2I translation model that consists of normalizing flows and a novel Style-Aware Normalization (SAN) module. With the invertible network structure, StyleFlow first projects input images into deep feature space in the forward pass, while the backward pass utilizes the SAN module to perform content-fixed feature transformation and then projects back to image space. Our model supports both image-guided translation and multi-modal synthesis. We evaluate our model in several I2I translation benchmarks, and the results show that the proposed model has advantages over previous methods in both strongly constrained and normally constrained tasks.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Style Transfer WikiArt StyleFlow-Content-Fixed-I2I SSIM 0.45 # 1