TAMU at KBP 2017: Event Nugget Detection and Coreference Resolution

In this paper, we describe TAMU's system submitted to the TAC KBP 2017 event nugget detection and coreference resolution task. Our system builds on the statistical and empirical observations made on training and development data. We found that modifiers of event nuggets tend to have unique syntactic distribution. Their parts-of-speech tags and dependency relations provides them essential characteristics that are useful in identifying their span and also defining their types and realis status. We further found that the joint modeling of event span detection and realis status identification performs better than the individual models for both tasks. Our simple system designed using minimal features achieved the micro-average F1 scores of 57.72, 44.27 and 42.47 for event span detection, type identification and realis status classification tasks respectively. Also, our system achieved the CoNLL F1 score of 27.20 in event coreference resolution task.

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