Task-Specific Data Augmentation and Inference Processing for VIPriors Instance Segmentation Challenge

Instance segmentation is applied widely in image editing, image analysis and autonomous driving, etc. However, insufficient data is a common problem in practical applications. The Visual Inductive Priors(VIPriors) Instance Segmentation Challenge has focused on this problem. VIPriors for Data-Efficient Computer Vision Challenges ask competitors to train models from scratch in a data-deficient setting, but there are some visual inductive priors that can be used. In order to address the VIPriors instance segmentation problem, we designed a Task-Specific Data Augmentation(TS-DA) strategy and Inference Processing(TS-IP) strategy. The main purpose of task-specific data augmentation strategy is to tackle the data-deficient problem. And in order to make the most of visual inductive priors, we designed a task-specific inference processing strategy. We demonstrate the applicability of proposed method on VIPriors Instance Segmentation Challenge. The segmentation model applied is Hybrid Task Cascade based detector on the Swin-Base based CBNetV2 backbone. Experimental results demonstrate that proposed method can achieve a competitive result on the test set of 2022 VIPriors Instance Segmentation Challenge, with 0.531 AP@0.50:0.95.

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