Technical Report on the CleverHans v2.1.0 Adversarial Examples Library

3 Oct 2016Nicolas Papernot • Fartash Faghri • Nicholas Carlini • Ian Goodfellow • Reuben Feinman • Alexey Kurakin • Cihang Xie • Yash Sharma • Tom Brown • Aurko Roy • Alexander Matyasko • Vahid Behzadan • Karen Hambardzumyan • Zhishuai Zhang • Yi-Lin Juang • Zhi Li • Ryan Sheatsley • Abhibhav Garg • Jonathan Uesato • Willi Gierke • Yinpeng Dong • David Berthelot • Paul Hendricks • Jonas Rauber • Rujun Long • Patrick McDaniel

The library may be used to develop more robust machine learning models and to provide standardized benchmarks of models' performance in the adversarial setting. This technical report is structured as follows. Section 1 provides an overview of adversarial examples in machine learning and of the CleverHans software.

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