TempGNN: Temporal Graph Neural Networks for Dynamic Session-Based Recommendations

Session-based recommendations which predict the next action by understanding a user's interaction behavior with items within a relatively short ongoing session have recently gained increasing popularity. Previous research has focused on capturing the dynamics of sequential dependencies from complicated item transitions in a session by means of recurrent neural networks, self-attention models, and recently, mostly graph neural networks. Despite the plethora of different models relying on the order of items in a session, few approaches have been proposed for dealing better with the temporal implications between interactions. We present Temporal Graph Neural Networks (TempGNN), a generic framework for capturing the structural and temporal dynamics in complex item transitions utilizing temporal embedding operators on nodes and edges on dynamic session graphs, represented as sequences of timed events. Extensive experimental results show the effectiveness and adaptability of the proposed method by plugging it into existing state-of-the-art models. Finally, TempGNN achieved state-of-the-art performance on two real-world e-commerce datasets.

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