Tilde's Machine Translation Systems for WMT 2018

The paper describes the development process of the Tilde{'}s NMT systems that were submitted for the WMT 2018 shared task on news translation. We describe the data filtering and pre-processing workflows, the NMT system training architectures, and automatic evaluation results. For the WMT 2018 shared task, we submitted seven systems (both constrained and unconstrained) for English-Estonian and Estonian-English translation directions. The submitted systems were trained using Transformer models.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Machine Translation WMT 2018 English-Estonian Multi-pass backtranslated adapted transformer BLEU 24.10 # 1
Machine Translation WMT 2018 Estonian-English Multi-pass backtranslated adapted transformer BLEU 29.00 # 1