Timeception for Complex Action Recognition

This paper focuses on the temporal aspect for recognizing human activities in videos; an important visual cue that has long been undervalued. We revisit the conventional definition of activity and restrict it to Complex Action: a set of one-actions with a weak temporal pattern that serves a specific purpose. Related works use spatiotemporal 3D convolutions with fixed kernel size, too rigid to capture the varieties in temporal extents of complex actions, and too short for long-range temporal modeling. In contrast, we use multi-scale temporal convolutions, and we reduce the complexity of 3D convolutions. The outcome is Timeception convolution layers, which reasons about minute-long temporal patterns, a factor of 8 longer than best related works. As a result, Timeception achieves impressive accuracy in recognizing the human activities of Charades, Breakfast Actions, and MultiTHUMOS. Further, we demonstrate that Timeception learns long-range temporal dependencies and tolerate temporal extents of complex actions.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Video Classification Breakfast Timeception Accuracy (%) 71.3 # 7
Long-video Activity Recognition Breakfast Timeception (I3D-K400-Pretrain-feature) mAP 61.82 # 7
Action Classification Charades Timeception (R3D) MAP 41.1 # 30
Action Classification Charades Timeception (I3D) MAP 37.2 # 38
Action Classification Charades Timeception (R2D) MAP 31.6 # 41