SUTD-TrafficQA: A Question Answering Benchmark and an Efficient Network for Video Reasoning over Traffic Events

CVPR 2021  ·  Li Xu, He Huang, Jun Liu ·

Traffic event cognition and reasoning in videos is an important task that has a wide range of applications in intelligent transportation, assisted driving, and autonomous vehicles. In this paper, we create a novel dataset, SUTD-TrafficQA (Traffic Question Answering), which takes the form of video QA based on the collected 10,080 in-the-wild videos and annotated 62,535 QA pairs, for benchmarking the cognitive capability of causal inference and event understanding models in complex traffic scenarios. Specifically, we propose 6 challenging reasoning tasks corresponding to various traffic scenarios, so as to evaluate the reasoning capability over different kinds of complex yet practical traffic events. Moreover, we propose Eclipse, a novel Efficient glimpse network via dynamic inference, in order to achieve computation-efficient and reliable video reasoning. The experiments show that our method achieves superior performance while reducing the computation cost significantly. The project page:

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Video Question Answering SUTD-TrafficQA Eclipse 1/4 37.05 # 1
1/2 64.77 # 1