Translations as Additional Contexts for Sentence Classification

14 Jun 2018  ·  Reinald Kim Amplayo, Kyungjae Lee, Jinyeong Yeo, Seung-won Hwang ·

In sentence classification tasks, additional contexts, such as the neighboring sentences, may improve the accuracy of the classifier. However, such contexts are domain-dependent and thus cannot be used for another classification task with an inappropriate domain. In contrast, we propose the use of translated sentences as context that is always available regardless of the domain. We find that naive feature expansion of translations gains only marginal improvements and may decrease the performance of the classifier, due to possible inaccurate translations thus producing noisy sentence vectors. To this end, we present multiple context fixing attachment (MCFA), a series of modules attached to multiple sentence vectors to fix the noise in the vectors using the other sentence vectors as context. We show that our method performs competitively compared to previous models, achieving best classification performance on multiple data sets. We are the first to use translations as domain-free contexts for sentence classification.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Subjectivity Analysis SUBJ CNN+MCFA Accuracy 94.80 # 7
Text Classification TREC-6 CNN+MCFA Error 4 # 6


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