Trustera: A Live Conversation Redaction System

Trustera, the first functional system that redacts personally identifiable information (PII) in real-time spoken conversations to remove agents' need to hear sensitive information while preserving the naturalness of live customer-agent conversations. As opposed to post-call redaction, audio masking starts as soon as the customer begins speaking to a PII entity. This significantly reduces the risk of PII being intercepted or stored in insecure data storage. Trustera's architecture consists of a pipeline of automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding, and a live audio redactor module. The system's goal is three-fold: redact entities that are PII, mask the audio that goes to the agent, and at the same time capture the entity, so that the captured PII can be used for a payment transaction or caller identification. Trustera is currently being used by thousands of agents to secure customers' sensitive information.

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