Two-Level Residual Distillation based Triple Network for Incremental Object Detection

Modern object detection methods based on convolutional neural network suffer from severe catastrophic forgetting in learning new classes without original data. Due to time consumption, storage burden and privacy of old data, it is inadvisable to train the model from scratch with both old and new data when new object classes emerge after the model trained. In this paper, we propose a novel incremental object detector based on Faster R-CNN to continuously learn from new object classes without using old data. It is a triple network where an old model and a residual model as assistants for helping the incremental model learning on new classes without forgetting the previous learned knowledge. To better maintain the discrimination of features between old and new classes, the residual model is jointly trained on new classes in the incremental learning procedure. In addition, a corresponding distillation scheme is designed to guide the training process, which consists of a two-level residual distillation loss and a joint classification distillation loss. Extensive experiments on VOC2007 and COCO are conducted, and the results demonstrate that the proposed method can effectively learn to incrementally detect objects of new classes, and the problem of catastrophic forgetting is mitigated in this context.

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