Uncertainty Quantification for Hyperspectral Image Denoising Frameworks based on Low-rank Matrix Approximation

Sliding-window based low-rank matrix approximation (LRMA) is a technique widely used in hyperspectral images (HSIs) denoising or completion. However, the uncertainty quantification of the restored HSI has not been addressed to date. Accurate uncertainty quantification of the denoised HSI facilitates to applications such as multi-source or multi-scale data fusion, data assimilation, and product uncertainty quantification, since these applications require an accurate approach to describe the statistical distributions of the input data. Therefore, we propose a prior-free closed-form element-wise uncertainty quantification method for LRMA-based HSI restoration. Our closed-form algorithm overcomes the difficulty of the HSI patch mixing problem caused by the sliding-window strategy used in the conventional LRMA process. The proposed approach only requires the uncertainty of the observed HSI and provides the uncertainty result relatively rapidly and with similar computational complexity as the LRMA technique. We conduct extensive experiments to validate the estimation accuracy of the proposed closed-form uncertainty approach. The method is robust to at least 10% random impulse noise at the cost of 10-20% of additional processing time compared to the LRMA. The experiments indicate that the proposed closed-form uncertainty quantification method is more applicable to real-world applications than the baseline Monte Carlo test, which is computationally expensive. The code is available in the attachment and will be released after the acceptance of this paper.

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