Value Prediction Network

NeurIPS 2017  ·  Junhyuk Oh, Satinder Singh, Honglak Lee ·

This paper proposes a novel deep reinforcement learning (RL) architecture, called Value Prediction Network (VPN), which integrates model-free and model-based RL methods into a single neural network. In contrast to typical model-based RL methods, VPN learns a dynamics model whose abstract states are trained to make option-conditional predictions of future values (discounted sum of rewards) rather than of future observations. Our experimental results show that VPN has several advantages over both model-free and model-based baselines in a stochastic environment where careful planning is required but building an accurate observation-prediction model is difficult. Furthermore, VPN outperforms Deep Q-Network (DQN) on several Atari games even with short-lookahead planning, demonstrating its potential as a new way of learning a good state representation.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Atari Games Atari 2600 Alien VPN Score 1429 # 32
Atari Games Atari 2600 Amidar VPN Score 641 # 28
Atari Games Atari 2600 Crazy Climber VPN Score 54119 # 40
Atari Games Atari 2600 Enduro VPN Score 382 # 34
Atari Games Atari 2600 Frostbite VPN Score 3811 # 21
Atari Games Atari 2600 Krull VPN Score 15930 # 9
Atari Games Atari 2600 Ms. Pacman VPN Score 2689 # 28
Atari Games Atari 2600 Q*Bert VPN Score 14517 # 27
Atari Games Atari 2600 Seaquest VPN Score 5628 # 30


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