Vector-Matrix-Vector Queries for Solving Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Graph Problems

We consider the general problem of learning about a matrix through vector-matrix-vector queries. These queries provide the value of $\boldsymbol{u}^{\mathrm{T}}\boldsymbol{M}\boldsymbol{v}$ over a fixed field $\mathbb{F}$ for a specified pair of vectors $\boldsymbol{u},\boldsymbol{v} \in \mathbb{F}^n$... To motivate these queries, we observe that they generalize many previously studied models, such as independent set queries, cut queries, and standard graph queries. They also specialize the recently studied matrix-vector query model. Our work is exploratory and broad, and we provide new upper and lower bounds for a wide variety of problems, spanning linear algebra, statistics, and graphs. Many of our results are nearly tight, and we use diverse techniques from linear algebra, randomized algorithms, and communication complexity. read more

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